R. v. J.M.

In this case, Mr. Zoppi’s client was accused of “sucker punching” a bouncer who weighed 300 pounds and was 6 feet tall. The client allegedly knocked the bouncer out with a single punch. Mr. Zoppi was able to defend his client successfully by arguing that the 5’8″ 150-pound client had only punched the bouncer in self defence, and that he was only able to bring the bouncer down with a single blow because the bouncer had a “glass jaw,” not because the client had hit him without any warning.

R. v. A.B.

The accused was alleged to have inappropriately disciplined his child by using a belt to beat him as a punishment. Graham Zoppi was ultimately able to successfully argue that, due to delays in proceedings, the client’s Charter right to a speedy trial was violated, so the charges were dismissed.