Bail Hearings



Finding out that a family member or a friend has been arrested can be distressing and confusing, and you might be wondering how you can help them. One of the best and most important ways to help them is to immediately contact a criminal defence lawyer, especially before the bail hearing if possible. In Canada, an accused has the right to only one bail hearing, and the best way to help make sure that your loved one gets everything they are entitled to at that hearing is to have a skilled Toronto bail hearing lawyer there to make sure they are released from custody pending the outcome of the charges.

The criminal justice system is rife with delays these days. Being granted bail can make all the difference to an accused, saving them months or even years of pre-trial custody while they wait for a trial date to be set. These delays can be agonizing to accused left in custody, and so many accused persons plead guilty to their charges in order to get out, even when there are available defences to the charges. Contrast this with someone charged with the exact same charges who is granted bail and can take the matter to trial out of custody and be acquitted, and the importance of the bail process is clearly highlighted. Don’t let your friends or family members get trapped and amass a criminal record in this kind of predicament. Call Graham Zoppi, Toronto bail lawyer, and he will fight to ensure pre-trial release.

Remember: absent an appeal, an accused person only gets to have one bail hearing. A top Toronto bail hearing lawyer is vital to the process of putting together the best possible plan of release to ensure that bail will be granted.

Many family members with a loved one in custody ask whether it’s worth it to pay a lawyer to conduct the bail hearing. After all, there are court-appointed duty counsel available for this purpose. While that is true, this is ultimately not the time to attempt to save money. Duty counsel are fully licensed lawyers, but they are burdened with the duty to represent a huge volume of accused coming through bail court and are not usually able to devote the time and attention to your loved one’s case that is deserved. The accused’s freedom and ability to assist counsel by being out of custody is at stake. Furthermore, it costs at least three times as much to appeal a denial of bail rather than retain counsel for the bail hearing itself. In the long run, hiring a skilled Toronto bail hearing lawyer who will dedicate the necessary effort to the case saves money and maximizes results.

If someone you care about has been arrested, you owe it to them to contact Toronto bail hearing lawyer Graham Zoppi as soon as possible. Mr. Zoppi will ensure to put together the best plan possible to make sure your loved one is released at bail:

a) He will contact the police to find out exactly where the accused is being held and in which court the bail hearing will take place;

b) He will speak with your loved one to ensure they are advised as to all their legal rights, particularly making sure they do not give the police a statement that will hurt their case later;

c) He will create a plan for release optimizing the chances that bail will be granted;

d) He will prepare sureties (those who agree to take responsibility for the person accused of a crime) against all the usual traps and tricks that prosecutors use when cross-examining sureties, and he will make sure sureties have all the documents necessary to establish their ability to meet the set monetary amount for bail.

Please contact criminal lawyer Graham Zoppi today if you need the services of a skilled Toronto bail hearing lawyer. He will do everything in his power to make sure that your loved one is able to get back home as soon as possible.