Drug Offences



Cocaine. Ecstasy. Heroin. Hashish. Marijuana. Possession of any amount of a narcotic is a criminal offence in Canada and, as such, can seriously impact such factors as employability and the ability to travel freely. The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act governs drug charges in Canada and the Department of Justice maintains a separate group of lawyers to serve as prosecutors who vigorously pursue these charges.

If you’ve been charged with a drug offence in Ontario, before you do anything else you should contact an expert Toronto drug lawyer. A skilled criminal drug lawyer like Graham Zoppi will put forward all available defences to help you avoid the various hardships that come with a drug offence conviction. This can frequently involve tactics such as challenging the lawfulness of police actions such as random pat down searches, vehicle searches, searches incident to arrest, as well as the validity of wiretap authorizations or search warrants.

Drug offences can be broken down into four types, all of which criminal lawyer Graham Zoppi has a proven track record of defending: simple possession, possession for the purposes of trafficking, production, and importing.


If you are convicted of simple possession of narcotics under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, future opportunities for your career and even your ability to freely travel can be severely impacted. The only way to avoid the ramifications of such a conviction on your record is to hire a top Toronto drug lawyer like Graham Zoppi. He is an experienced drug lawyer in Toronto with a proven track record of successfully defending clients against not only simple possession charges but also more serious drug-related charges like drug production, possession for the purposes of trafficking, and importing.

If you hire Toronto drug lawyer Graham Zoppi to represent you for your simple possession charge, he will rigorously review the disclosure for your case so as to be able to address all available defences regarding the admissibility and sufficiency of the evidence of the Crown. Mr. Zoppi regularly defends his clients against narcotics charges using applications to exclude the seized drugs as evidence because of police’s unlawful search and seizure, and has also been able to have his clients acquitted by attacking the evidence of the Crown to establish that the prosecution has not proved possession beyond a reasonable doubt.


As more serious offence than simple possession, possession for the purposes of trafficking must be established by the Crown prosecutor by proving not only that a) the accused did in fact have possession of narcotics, but also b) that the possession was for the purposes of trafficking. The Crown prosecutor can attempt to prove such intent by using various kinds of circumstantial evidence such as the amount of drugs present, the manner in which they were packaged, whether paraphernalia associated with drug trafficking like weight scales were present, etc.

Criminal drug lawyer in Toronto Graham Zoppi can defend you against this kind of charge by attacking the evidence of the Crown for both elements of the offence: possession and intent. Even when strong evidence of possession exists, Mr. Zoppi can challenge the charge on the basis of inadequate evidence of the intent to traffic, or, in some cases, arguing that a “middleman” for a transaction is just an agent for a purchaser. If you want to effectively pursue these kind of defences, you should immediately consult with Toronto drug lawyer Graham Zoppi.


One of the more serious drug offences is the production of narcotics, which can refer to the use of marijuana growing operations or to physical laboratories used for the creation of drugs like methamphetamine. Production is viewed by the justice system as such serious criminal activity that it warrants significant deterrent sentences from the courts. In fact the Federal Government has recently proposed imposing mandatory jail sentences for this offence.

If you have been charged with production of narcotics, you will need a thorough defence which includes extreme scrutiny of all parts of the police investigation. You owe it to yourself to consult with a Toronto drug lawyer like Graham Zoppi, who will aggressively work for the exclusion of evidence in cases where the police have used unlawful search and seizure procedures.