There are two methods of billing clients that criminal lawyers use.

The first method is what is called the hourly billing method. You provide a retainer (i.e. a money deposit) to your lawyer which they will hold in trust for you. As work is done on your case your lawyer will withdraw funds from those held in trust for you in order to pay for the hours of work performed. If there is still more work to be done on your file once the funds in trust are exhausted, you will be asked to make another deposit to the retainer. The cycle will go on until the time at which your matter is completed.

The second billing method is called the flat fee method. As with the hourly billing, you will need to provide your lawyer with the retainer deposit which will provide funds to pay for the work done on your file. This method differs from the hourly billing method, however, in that the amount you will be asked to put in total towards your file will not exceed the flat fee quoted to you when you hired the lawyer.

Graham Zoppi can provide both methods of billing, tailored to the preferences of the individual client and the complexity and type of case. Most of Mr. Zoppi’s clients tend to prefer the method of flat fee billing, based on the certainty that comes with it. He will create a fee structure for your case that will allow you the quality representation you need for your defence with as minimal hardship as possible on your finances. Mr. Zoppi’s fees are reasonable, and they remain in accordance with other lawyers in his field of practice with comparable experience and expertise.

Legal Aid Ontario provides funds for those clients who aren’t able to afford paying for a lawyer themselves. Graham Zoppi’s office does accept legal aid, although Mr. Zoppi does limit the number and type of cases using legal aid that he will work on personally at one time. However, no client relying on legal aid will be turned away from his office. Mr. Zoppi will make sure that you will receive the quality representation you need from a member of his team.