R. v. C.A.

The accused was charged with the possession of a loaded sawed-off shotgun, which police had discovered in his car’s trunk. Toronto gun lawyer Graham Zoppi defended the accused and was able to successfully argue at trial that the police’s acquisition of the shotgun was a result of an unlawful search and seizure. Because of this, the shotgun could not be used as evidence, so Mr. Zoppi’s client was acquitted of the offence of possession of a loaded prohibited weapon. Mr. Zoppi was also able to have his client acquitted of a further charge of carrying a concealed weapon regarding a knife and pellet gun that had been located in the waistband of his pants. (LINK TO ARTICLE: Gun Charges Dismissed)

R. v. M.M.

Firearms lawyer Graham Zoppi’s client was on bail for an unrelated robbery charge when he was discovered inside an apartment containing four loaded firearms. Mr. Zoppi was able to secure bail for his client and ultimately succeeded in persuading the Crown Attorney’s office to drop the firearms charges against his client.

R. v. J.F.

The accused was charged in relation to a shooting that occurred at a nightclub. 24 hours after the nightclub shooting, Mr. Zoppi’s client was found in possession of a shell casing that matched the gun used during the shooting, and police recovered the gun only feet from where the client had been arrested. Graham Zoppi defended the client against the firearms charges, and the accused was found not guilty of the shooting and of possession of the firearm.

R. v. J.F. (2)

The client received a charge of possession of a firearm that had been brandished at a second nightclub. The accused had been standing within a few feet of where the firearm was ultimately located after the incident, and he was found to be in possession of a shell casing matching the gun in question. Mr. Zoppi successfully defended his client, and he was found not guilty of possession of the firearm brandished at the nightclub.