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Defence Lawyer Graham Zoppi has dedicated his career over the last ten years to criminal defence, and it shows. He is constantly reviewing updates and changes to the law, and his determination to excel at defending criminal charges has resulted in the relentless pursuit of all possible defences, whether they be legal, factual or technical.

Mr. Zoppi knows that in spite of the facts sometimes just not being a client’s side, this does not mean that a defence isn’t possible, Such cases can still be won at trial by the exclusion of evidence. Graham Zoppi has successfully argued and won applications to have key evidence excluded at trials for innumerable cases. He also has a successful history of having his clients’ charges dismissed because of unreasonable delay, particularly in the busy courts of Toronto. These kind of issues arise quite frequently in Graham Zoppi’s focused practice areas of fraud, drinking and driving, and drug charges.

No matter what your charge might be, criminal lawyer Graham Zoppi will bring all his experience and skill to bear in defending your criminal charge. To him, no charge is too big or too small, because he understands that for his clients, every charge is a “big” charge worth his attention and skill.

Graham Zoppi has successfully defended a long list of criminal charges in Toronto and all across Ontario. You can click on any of the below offences to learn more about them and to read summaries of Graham Zoppi’s successes in these areas.

Impaired Driving
Impaired Care & Control
Refuse Breath Sample
Over 80
Possession of a Controlled Substance
Trafficking in a Controlled Substance
Importation of a Controlled Substance
Production of a Controlled Substance
Firearms charges
Sexual Assault
Domestic Assault
Attempted Murder
Break & Enter
Communicate for the Purpose of Prostitution